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Bachelor Thesis

We are always looking for motivated students. If you are interested to write a Bachelor thesis in the Carell group, please send an e-mail with your preferred starting date and interests to Markus Müller. Even better, if you already know potential supervisors (PhD students or postdocs) feel free to approach them directly.

Bioorganic Chemistry (OC3)

Beispielklausuren und Übungsfragen finden Sie unter "Teaching - Supplements".

OC3 Online Course

OC3 Skript "Peptide 1"

OC3 Skript "Peptide 2"

OC3 Skript "Nukleinsäuren 1"

OC3 Skript "Nukleinsäuren 2"

OC3 Skript "Nukleinsäuren 3 - Festphasensynthese"

OC3 Skript "Nukleinsäuren, Zucker, Präbiotik"

OC3 Skript "Kohlenhydrate und Zucker"

OC3 Skript "Molekulare Erkennung"

OC3 Zusatzskripte "Bioorthogonale Reaktionen, Cyclohexan, Zimmermann-Traxler, gauche Effekt, Meso-Verbindungen, Moderne Methoden, Molekulare Erkennung"

Oscillating chemical reactions are fascinating! Watch a prime example, the Briggs-Rauscher reaction, also known as iodine clock.

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