CARELL GROUP Research – Nucleic Acid Technology

DNA as a Nanomaterial: Click-Chemistry and New Synthetic Base Pairs

Research on non-canonical bases requires the development of new sequencing- and mass spectrometry-based quantification technologies.

The Carell group developed the Cu(I)-catalyzed click reaction for the post-synthetic high-density modification of DNA, which allows the spin-off Baseclick GmbH to develop new cell proliferation assays and chemistry for efficient and cost-effective next generation sequencing.

The Carell technology is now operating in the third-generation sequencers of Pacific Bioscience and Roche Sequencing.

New tools for the high-density labelling of DNA. RNA dendrimer to stir cellular development.

"Post-it" type DNA more information

The Carell group is further working on new DNA materials, enabling for example reversible crosslinking or metal coordination between DNA double strands.

These tools can be exploited in DNA nanotechnology e.g. to stabilize DNA Origami structures.

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